Founders As Friends

July 1, 2012

Harish got married this weekend. Every wedding is special, but this one was especially special because I’ve loved Harish ever since he enthusiastically ate burnt food I served him the first time we met. Having gotten to know his lady I can’t imagine a better match.

Sam, Andres, and one of the new members of the Octopart team - Chris - were there, of course. Here’s a shot of all of them, with Harish on high (if you look carefully you can see Sam’s forehead behind Andres’ head ).


Looking at this shot moves me deeply. Octopart has been through lots, and it’s hard for me to contemplate how they’d have pulled through some of the tougher periods without rock-solid friendship and trust. I’m so freaking proud of where they are now, and wish that I’d been there for them far more than I have.

Ian and I were having a conversation the other day about whether or not it’s crucial to like your co-workers. There are plenty of people I’ve worked together with brilliantly - who were excellent at what they did - with no mutual desire to have drinks after work. No problem. However, at no point was I co-founding a company with said people.

I’m not a founder and have never been one. But having had a small taste of what it’s like to pour yourself body and soul into your work leads me to believe that it’s impossible to do so with some one who would not lift you up at your wedding.

Mazel Tov Harish and Octopart!