Sakura Express, Princeton NJ

March 29, 2014

Sakura Express is a little sushi shop on Witherspoon Street in Princeton NJ. I ate there at least twice a month when I was an independent upperclassman. Back then, the proprietors were Albert and Andrew - a gruff pair, with soft marshmallowy centers. If you were a regular it was unusual not to get a little something extra on your plate (some salmon skin! a pile of spicy tuna! a handroll!).

I stopped in a couple of times after I graduated but the last time was probably over eight years ago. I heard one of them got married and left. I’ve eaten a lot more sushi in New York and San Francisco since.

Last night I happened to be in Princeton and thought I’d have me some tasty sushi. I walked in and saw him, behind the counter like always, slicing some octopus:

Me: Albert?

Him: Nope. It’s Andrew. Hey, Malaysia.



That’s Andrew, and yes, he is giving me the bird.

Some of this is, of course, due to how incredibly well-preserved I am. But still, what a memory! How many Princeton kids has Andrew fed over the years? How many does he remember? How many remember him?

Ziggy and I ate our sushi next to a wall plastered with postcards from well-wishers from all over the world. That’s some legacy.